Visible Safety 

 Our goal is to prevent accidents on corssing signes with our self developed 
 innovation safety system. 








 SafeX One 

Dynamic Solution

Dynamic Solution
The system works only when pedestrian is present.

Easy off-the-grid installation

Easy off-the-grid installation
Thanks to the solar panel SafeXOne is independent from the grid.

Double protection

Double protection
Blinking yellow light and laser line provides double protection.


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Most of the pedestrian collisions happens because of poor visibility. Lot's of accidents could be prevented if drivers detected pedestrians on time. By installing four SafeXOne bollards onto the four corners of the zebra crossing the system is able to detect the intention of crossing. At this moment the system starts working. On the side of the bollards yellow lights start to blink and a bright line appears on the feet of the person while crossing. This light raise ones attention with the dynamics of walking achieving visible safety.


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   In a normal year, there are

blacktri2     150 death causes

blacktri2     500 serious injuries

blacktri2      2000 slight injuries in Hungary caused by collisions.

    Our goal is to change the growing tendency with our systems!  

The figures above are created based on the data of the Hungarian Central Statistical Office. We don't have exact data about how many people lose their lifes in overruns but according to our calculations it is about 95 fatalities every year. And it doesn't include the serious (~840) and slight injuries (~2 350). These numbers present only the Hungarian situation but they can be incredibly high in Europe or worldwide. Our goal is to change the growing tendency with our systems.




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 Our Team 


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László Nagy
Co-Owner, Managing Director
founder of VisibleCrossing,
dreamer of the SafeXOne.
Dóra Sebestyén
Managing Director

Balázs Nyári
marketing, communication and
participant in sales.

Vidákovics Máté fotó II
Máté Vidákovics
financial processes
and controlling duites.

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Gábor Józsa
Co-Owner, Mentor
mentoring, marketing
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